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Vaccinium myrtillus, Blueberry leaves

The Blueberry plant (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a perennial from the  Ericaceae family.

The use of Vaccinium myrtilli in the European traditional folk medicine goes back to the Middle Ages.

Blueberries are very healthy to eat, but not everyone is aware of the fact that the dried leaf of the Blueberry also contains healing power and is rich in tanning substances, flavonoids, glucokinase, arbutin, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Blueberry leaves have a beneficial effect on the symptoms of old age and also promote regular bowel function. The tanning substances in blueberry leaves work as an astringent and a stringent!

Blueberry leaves have a positive and beneficial effect for blood circulation and maintaining a strong blood vessel wall.

Blueberry leaves promote good bladder function and increase the resistance of the bladder.

Directions for use: Add 1-2 teaspoons of blueberry tea and 250ml of boiling water for one cup, leave covered for 10-15 minutes and filter the tea. Drink 2-3 cups of the tea per day, unsweetened, at least half an hour before main meals.

Do not use Blueberry-leaf tea for long periods or in high doses due to high content of tannin which can be harmful to the liver. Do not exceed the recommended dose.