Hierbas del Mundo

World Herbals

Dedashi-Hierbas BV is a global sourcing, trading and supply chain management company for the food and non-food industry.

For B2B, Wholesale and shops we have available fresh dried crushed leaves, fine powder, resin or extract. We can ship directly from Thailand, Mexico or our warehouse in Europe.

We can support you with a wide range of herbs and extracts, a few of our products are:

Acacia farnesiana Leaf&twig powder / Extract 25X – 50X, powder

Acanthus ilicifolia Leaf powder / Extract 50X, powder

Althaea officinalis “Marshmellow” eSpecial leaves, cut

Areca catechu “Betel nut” Extract 50X, powder

Artemisia vulgaris Extract 50X, powder

Astragalus chinesis, root shredded

Astragalus membranaceus, rhizome shredded

Astragalus propinquus, rhizome shredded

Aurantii amar “Orange bitter ” leaves

Bacopa monnieri “Brahmi” herb / Extract 50X – powder

Butea superba roots powdered / Extract  50X, powder

Calea zacatechichi leaves / High Oaxaca Quality

Canavalia maritima leaves / Extract 50X powder

Clitoria ternatea dry flowers, powder

Clitoria ternatea dry flowers, whole and powder / Extract 50X powder

Combretum quadrangulare “Sakae Naa” Extract 50X powder

Combretum quadrangulare “Sakae Naa” leaves crushed or powder

Combretum quadrangulare “Sakae Naa” Soft RESIN 50X

Entada rheedii seeds Extract 50X , dry powder

Erytrina mulungu, fine shredded

Eurycoma longifolia “Tongkat Ali ” roots shredded / Extract 50X

Garcinia combogia Extract 50X  powder

Glycyrrhiza licirice, licorice roots peeled

Hermia salicifolia “Sinicuichi ” leaves / Extract 10X

Kaempferia parviflora “Black Ginger” Extract 25X, powder

Lactuca virosa “Wild Lettuce” leaves / Extract 50X  Extract

Leonorus Leonotis “Wild Dagga” RED Petals / Extract 50X

Leonurus sibiricus Extract 25X – 50X, powder

Ligusticum Porteri “Osha Roots” whole

Lycium barbarum ” Goji Berry ” Extract 50X, powder

Melissea officina “Lemon balm” leaves cut

Mimosa Red Wood , natural dye, shredded or powder

Mitragyna hirsuta “Kra Thum Khok”, leaves & Extract

Mitragyna javanica Leaves  / Extract 50X, powder

Moringa oleifera, leaves powdered

Murdannia loriformis, powder

Nelumbo nucifera “Pink lotus” Flowers cut / Extract 50X

Nymphaea ampla “White lotus” Flowers / Extract 50X, powder

Nymphaea caerulea ” Blue lotus ”  Flowers / Extract 50X powder

Nymphaeacaerulea ” Blue lotus ” Flower Tincture 15X

Nymphaea caerulea “Blue Lotus” Soft Resin 20X 

Passionflora incarnata Herb / Extract 50X , powder

Peganum harmala Extract 10X, powder

Phyllanthus niruri ” Chanca Piedra ” leaves-powdered

Piper betle “Betel leaves ”  / Extract  50X powder

Pueraria mirifica, rhizhome powder

Rhodiola rosea Extract 50X, powder

Sceletium tortuosum “Kanna” leaves /  Extract 50X  / Soft Resin

Scutellaria lateriflora herb / Extract 50X, powder

Seeds: Anadenanthera colubrina “Cebil” seeds
Seeds: Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” seeds
Seeds: Argyreia nervosa “HWBWR” seeds
Seeds: Entada rheedii seeds,  whole
Seeds: Ipomea tricolor “Morning Glory” seeds
Seeds: Nelumbo nucifera “Pink lotus” Seeds whole
Seeds: Perganum harmela, Seeds whole
Seeds: Rivea corymbosa “Ololuihqui” seeds

Syzygium aromaticum – clove – Extract 50X, powder

Tagetes lucida leaves, cut / Extract 10X

Thunbergia laurifolia leaves /  Extract 50X / Soft Resin ” Extract 15:1

Turnera diffusa “Damiana” 25X – 50X – 100X extract / Soft Resin 10X

Turnera diffusa “Damiana” eSpecial leaves (8)

Tynnanthus panurensis “Clavo huasca” shredded

Vernonia cinerea, leaves cut

Zornia latifolia “Maconha Brava ” Leaves / Extract  50X powder

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