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Nasturtium officinale – White WaterCress

Nasturtium officinale / Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum – Watercress – Witte Waterkers.

The White Water Cress (Nasturtium officinale / Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family which often grows along waters and swamps in Europe and North America.

Watercress has a strong radish flavour, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin C and has a very high nutritional value.

Properties: contributes towards good bodily moisture, has a soothing effect on the airways and throat, detoxifies the body, provides protection against free radicals.

Watercress has purifying properties which stimulate healing, detoxify the body and assists in the curing of spring allergies.

Directions for use: Make a tea with 2gm of watercress per cup of hot water and leave it to diffuse for 15 minutes. Maximum recommended quantity of 2-3 cups per day. It is recommended to use watercress only every two days.

Warning: Consult your doctor or health practitioner before using this herb.