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Small Farmers Green Association

The Small Farmers Green Association (SFGA) is a partnership between small family farmers, exporters and importers with the common goal of maintaining a sustainable production chain with respect for everyone and as little impact as possible on the environment.

The Small Farmers Green Association (SFGA) is dedicated to supporting small-scale farmers in tropical regions who face the challenges of climate change. By focusing on environmental sustainability and social empowerment, the SFGA aims to bridge the gap between producers and buyers while addressing the vulnerabilities of the farmers.

Farmers affiliated with the SFGA experience firsthand the impacts of climate change, such as erratic rainfall patterns and prolonged droughts, leading to production losses and financial instability.

To mitigate these challenges, the SFGA promotes sustainable farming practices and permaculture, resulting in not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This not only enhances the resilience of their production systems but also safeguards the environment.

Compliance with organic principles is ensured through regular inspections and laboratory analyses. The association emphasizes the responsibility of all stakeholders in minimizing carbon footprints by implementing smart logistics solutions.

In addition to environmental sustainability, the SFGA aims to create opportunities for its members by providing market access, promoting fair trade practices, secure fair prices, and offering capacity-building and training. This approach not only improves farmers’ livelihoods but also motivates them to invest in their farms and communities.

The association creates an enabling environment that recognizes the contributions of small farmers and addresses their specific needs. Therefore, the Small Farmers Green Association stands as a beacon of hope for small-scale farmers in tropical regions facing the challenges of climate change. 

Through a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, market access, capacity building, networking, access to resources, and advocacy, the SFGA empowers its members to overcome vulnerabilities and embrace opportunities.


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