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Music style Rock

The word Rock evokes the hard, the primitive and the pure and tenacious essence of a rock.

The dream of returning to our wild primitive origin defines the rockers; who are a diverse lineage in which the aggressiveness of bad boys dressed in black mingles with the colorful pacifism of the hippies. 

Today there are rockers of all ages, however this anarchic and eclectic movement, with its strong aesthetic and cultural transgression, is still a creation of youth for young people. It once seemed to be born a fad, but more than half a century later it continues to grow and diversify. It includes, in addition to Rock’n Roll, square rock, glam-rock, hard-rock, soft-rock, and other variants such as psychedelic, punk, grunge, rap, metal and thousands of fusions such as jazz-rock, folk-rock, blues-rock or symphonic rock.

The philosophical contradictions of rock are as varied and extreme as the styles that nourish it, that are lyrics with political content , others that insult general policies, many that praise love and even violence. Some songs promote isolation and failure; others are hymns to peace and harmony; both can happen on the same stage, at the same night and by the same performers. 

Rock is an incomprehensible paradox, for a moment, it makes us feel that it is the best thing that ever existed, the greatest thing that could ever have happened to us; but it can also displease us.

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