Hierbas del Mundo

Music style Reggae

A very special wave of music with exotic and friendly compasses spread from Jamaica to the world, Reggae. Its pleasant and agreeable cadence invites to spend a relaxed moment, alone or with friends; making us feel free, loose and light. 

Reggae was born when the rude Jamaican boys began, deliberately, putting Ska LP´s at half speed as they preferred to dance more slowly as part of their image of tough guys. By the mid 60s, many musicians had begun to play Ska with a slow tempo, while emphasizing walking bass and offbeats. 

The slower sound was called Rocksteady. This phase of Jamaican music lasted until 1968, when musicians began to increase the speed of music and add other effects, these changes led to the birth of Reggae music. Some may think it is is a fashion or a nice way of singing; it is actually a culture, a movement, and a way of life. 

Reggae is always linked to the Rastafari spiritual movement, based on an Ethiopian version of the biblical tradition. Its followers are popularly known for their dreadlocks (characteristic hair) and their sacramental use of ganjah (Cannabis). The purpose of a Rastafari is to go down a straight and true path, always with kindness, brotherhood and truth. 

Our selected AromaFogs will strengthen your Rastafari spirit; potent floral and fruity aromas will flood your Reggae music sessions with waves of sympathetic emotions, inducing friendly ecstasy in your friends or audience… dare to explore your deepest spirituality involving all your senses!

AromaFog: AppleCaramelChocolateCinnamonCumarineFruitBombLemongrasOrangeSandelwoodSpearmint and sweet Strawberry aroma.