Hierbas del Mundo

Music style R&B and Urban

The R&B music style (also known as Urban R&B or Contemporary R&B) owes its name to Rhythm & Blues, and combines elements of Hip-hop, Soul, Pop and Funk; all of them derivations of the African-American music that converged in the ’80s in this cheerful, moving and clean sound.

The drum machines, usually the electronic base of each song, along with the predominant electric instruments, give R&B its contemporary character. The voices stand out, soft and velvety; some sax or other wind instrument can give a vintage touch, remembering its origin of Jazz and Blues. 

When the influence of Hip-hop becomes very strong, R&B becomes new Jack swing, a stronger style. When it comes closer to classical Soul, with slow and careful vocal harmony, it transforms into Quiet Storm style. All the different variants of R&B music gained popularity in the ’80s-’90, but we still want to dance them! 

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AromaFog: CaramelCumarineFruitBombLavenderSyringaSpearmintStrawberry or Vanilla aroma.