Hierbas del Mundo

Music style Rap

The words rush out and spill all over the place; the strong spell of Rap influences both rhyme and alliteration; rhythm is not less important, it awakens in us a trance of understanding in which the words infiltrate our deeper language, moving us in the sense of rap. Anger and vital joy seem to merge into a voice that sometimes sings and other times recites,or rather utters. 

The artist is regarded as a Master of Ceremonies, a kind of channel for our inner voice and feelings.Many nations – perhaps all of them- have traditional poems; many of them improvised and recited together with a certain type of music.

Rap in particular, is the poem style of the Bronx, which spread over and diversified during the past decades. The comprehensive dance of Rap is like an exorcism against all those complaints that are always present; Rap helps us overcome them with our vital energy and passion. 

Even though Rap sometimes uses sophisticated harmonies and diverse fusions; it never forgets its street origins; around any corner and even on a subway, a rapper could be singing to us with persistent improvisation, pushing us to feel his music on a personal level, his lyrics and notes unleash the power of the human encounter for a moment. 

Enjoy your favorite Rap music in combination with our selected AromaFogs; let the power of those lyrics penetrate you even deeper; the sense of smell will open more channels for both, the music going in and your veiled emotions going out. 

Experiment with AromaFog, let your nose reveal whats it is capable of !

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