Hierbas del Mundo

Music style House

This is a music style that suddenly invades and moves us in a melodic cycle that is repeated with its drums beat and continuous bass. Percussion is mostly generated by programmable machines, synthesizers, electronic drums and samplers that repeat some recorded base, often of a funk or disco song; although the influence of soul is very present. 

House music generated two main streams: micro-house (minimalist and inspired on 1990s techno music) and deep-house (fusing elements of Chicago house with 1980 s jazz-funk and touches of soul music). 

Both styles share elements like low pulsating bass lines and long lasting crashes; however, they diverge in tempo and the presence of vocals. From these 2 main streams, other sub-genres popped up: euro-house, jump-house, electro-house and tech-house. 

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