Hierbas del Mundo

Music style Electronic

Electronic music was not born as a freshly inspired genre as many could have thought; but as a different version of classical songs, now played on electronic instruments. 

Over time, composers began to create new variants of music from all different styles mixing traditional instruments with the synthesizer, the trade mark of Electronic music. This has created a new style with great variants; soft and sophisticated, very simple and repetitive and a plethora of festive styles. 

Clearly electronic music does not mimic the past, it sounds like the future. Sounds are expressive and cold at the same time; they can be modulated infinitely; they do not transmit directly the touch of a finger on a string, or an inflection of the voice; what comes to us is a mixture of engineering and artistic creation. 

Feelings provoked by Electronic music are unlimited, our mental images could project non-existent worlds, unveil archetypical emotions, even reveal unknown facets of ourselves. 

Use our selected AromaFogs to unleash your full potential and reach a truly holistic electronic experience, driven both by sound and smell.

This music style combine with

Apple Aroma , Bergamot , Chocolate , Cinnamon , Clean Cotton Aroma , Grapefruit Aroma, Lavender Aroma, Lemongrass , Mandarine Aroma