Hierbas del Mundo

Music style Classical

Many people today feel Classical music as dense and rigid; nevertheless, it was born like a rebellion against the iron mandate of the Church over the musical forms. It is also perceived as solemn, but for those who feel its delicacy, it is just the opposite, it is an intimate and shared party where the consciousness penetrates each and every one of the instruments of an orchestra to perceive the divine touch in the human creation. 

Frequently, Classical music requires some concentration to be appreciated. This effort is generously compensated; as the initial sound cloud dissipates, one finds interwoven melodies in exquisite, ever-changing harmonies. Subtlety opens the mind to unsuspected, clear and precise paths. 

The composition is respected by the performer, and yet the personality is strained: no two executions are the same. We do not know how the first performance of each particular piece was done hundreds of years ago; we do know that they move us as if their creators had shared our reality. 

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