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Cistus incanus

Cistus incanus ” hoary rock-rose ” Is a flowering plant in the family Cistaceae solar roses).

Cistus incanus Flower


Cistus incanus is a Greek ‘ Mediterranean ‘ herbal tea, with medicinal properties according the lovers of this tea. Cistus incanus is mainly in the Southern European countries a traditional tea for the respiratory tract.

The fact is that the Cistus incanus plans Most polyphenols containing all the plant species in Europe.

Polyphenols (among other things) have an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergicfunction. This valuable substances support the vitality and have a positive effect on our immune system and the resistance.

Cistus incanus herb

Cistus incanus ‘ rock-rose’ tea is a fine herbal tea with a mild berries taste.
Use as a herbal tea maximum dosage 3 g/day, herb to use in 2 cups/day.

Consult  your doctor or Nutritionist before use.